Mod team beats Blizzard to the punch

Jan 2, 2008

All things constant at Blizzard, 2008 will see the release of StarCraft II - but a mod team's got the hop on the developer with a 3D version of StarCraft: Brood War.

Project Revolution is a mod for Warcraft III, and while it's still a work in progress the team behind it has released a Terran Demo allowing you to sample its efforts.

We haven’t downloaded the demo ourselves yet, but it appears you'll need to dust off your original StarCraft: Brood War CD as it's required to play it - along with Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne patched to v1.21.

There's nothing like a confirmed release date for the full Project Revolution monty, but the mod team says it's over half done. Still, if you can get the demo up and running it'll help tide you over ‘til StarCraft II arrives (whenever that may be).

Courtesy of CVG.