Mod for it: A collection of virtual music videos

So Cold by Breaking Benjamin | Video by Paul Marino

A bit serious and miserable and probably saying something about something that teenagers get all mopey about. Still, the editing's sweet and the G-Man sings. And don't be depressed, the next video features rag-doll sex. Let's party!

Sex On The Beach by T-Spoon | Video by Josh Thompson

Make-believe people dry humping each other. It doesn't get funnier than this. Seriously, it doesn't. This is the funniest video in the whole article.

The Ballad of Black Mesa by Festival | Video by Zachariah Scott

Very bloody contemporary minimal silhouette twist techno banging stylish tribal gun shouting post-modernistic urbanite paranoia potato mash-up. Pour the gravy. And, yes, the juxtaposition with the previous video is deliberate. We don't just bang this shit together without thinking.