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MLB 2K7 review

No afterthought - MLB 2K7 reminds us why we loved the Xbox


  • Playing a new Xbox game
  • Terrific pitching mechanics
  • Great online options


  • Out-of-whack player ratings
  • Feast or famine hitting
  • Recycled commentary

That strange sound you’re hearing this spring is the release of an actual new game for the original Xbox. While Microsoft has wholly ignored their first console since the advent of the 360 and Electronic Arts has made its latest baseballer a PS2 exclusive, 2K Sports has bequeathed a shiny new disc to play unto the Xbox community in the form of MLB 2K7. With no other competition for the baseball dollar, it stands alone as a solid effort that is worth a look for any fans still counting the Xbox as their primary source of gaming delight.

Sporting an impressive list of features and perfectly competent mechanics, it seems as if the folks at 2K Sports weren’t ignoring it while also building their stellar next-gen versions this time around. Other than some questionable player ratings and occasional visual and commentary hiccups, the smooth gameplay reminded us how much better Microsoft’s machine handled sports titles when compared to their PS2 counterparts; everywhere that the PS2 version struggles, the Xbox title shines. Only time will tell whether or not that trend continues in the next generation.

More Info

DescriptionSimply put, it's a stellar title that'll keep baseball fans happy all season long.
Franchise nameMajor League Baseball 2K
UK franchise nameMajor League Baseball 2K
PlatformXbox, PS3, Xbox 360, PSP
US censor ratingEveryone
Release date27 February 2007 (US), 27 February 2007 (UK)