Mirrors Edge: Catalyst trademark pops up ahead of E3

Update: The official Mirror's Edge Twitter account has tweeted something catalyst-related, though it's still not quite clear what this is all building toward.

Original Story: Electronic Arts appears to have registered a trademark for something called “Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst,” according to a new listing on the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market. As the trademark registry for the European Union, OHIM oversees and maintains public registers of various titles going through the copyright process.

The Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst filing has not yet been fully approved, but OHIM lists trademark attorney firm J A Kemp, which has partnered with EA in the past, as the representative party. The filing also notes that the Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst trademark is classified under both “video game software” and “entertainment services, namely, providing an on-line computer game.”

A Whois domain search also reveals a “mirrorsedgecatalyst.com” website, supposedly registered by Electronic Arts. Typing in the website currently yields no results.

Interestingly, EA’s Q4 financial report for fiscal 2015 makes no mention of anything with “Catalyst” in the title, and instead refers to the console-and-PC-bound game simply as “Mirror’s Edge.” What’s noteworthy about this is that games like the upcoming Need For Speed reboot and a new Plants vs. Zombies game - games that, at the time of the report had not announced their full, official titles - have “TBA” after their listings. Mirror’s Edge does not.

So is Catalyst a hoax? Mobile companion app? DLC? Maybe we’ll find out together at E3 2015.

Sam Prell

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