Minecraft build of the month... Cruise control

Charles Goldburn likes boats. A quick browse of his Planet Minecraft profile shows that he’s made 32 of them over the past couple of years, ranging from cargo ships, to vintage cruise liners, to superyachts like this one: the Atlantica. The build is 173 blocks long and 25 blocks wide, and is at 1:1 scale – so you can explore it as if you were on board one of its seven decks.

It has five grand suites, several different viewing lounges, an infinity pool, a dining area, a games room and even an IMAX theatre. Below deck you can also explore the crew cabins and engine room, or head up top and pretend you’re the captain from the bridge. Just avoid an “I’m the king of the world!” moment.

If the weather’s not particularly pleasant outside, you can always relax in any of the five grand suites – or even the IMAX cinema onboard. And nothing says luxury like a helipad which guests can use to embark and disembark from easily, even when the vessel is right out at sea.

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GamesMaster Staff
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