Among Us meets Minecraft in this player-crafted map

Minecraft x Among Us
(Image credit: Microsoft/Inner Sloth)

A Minecraft player has built the iconic Among Us Skeld map in-game, and the attention to detail is pretty incredible.

Minecraft Among Us map

(Image credit: Microsoft/Salestro)

Nintendo Life shared the Skeld map build from Minecraft player and builder Salestro, and it's so accurate it's a bit sus. There are objects lying on the cafeteria tables in almost the exact same position as on the Among Us Skeld map, multi-colored wires lining the floor of Electrical, and a tree coming off of the side of the ship, which is meant to represent leaves being tossed out of the garbage chute. Salestro went back into the build and added the trapdoor vents to the map two days ago, which adds even more realism to the build.

Now, you can't actually play Among Us on this Minecraft map, unless you want to hop into Creative mode and use the /kill command to try and recreate your own Among Us game. If it were me, I'd use this Minecraft map to better memorize the Among Us Skeld map, as I'm still fairly new to the game and often forget which room is which. It's incredibly difficult to convince other players that you're not the Imposter when you can't say which room you were in when doing a task…

Minecraft builders are always surprising us with their creativity, building entire other worlds from our favorite games, TV shows, and movies in block form. You can check out the best Minecraft servers for some incredible recreations of GTA, Pokemon, Harry Potter, and Lord of the Rings worlds. We'll even walk you through how to access them.

It's great to see that players are still embedded in this blocky build world - Minecraft just won Best Gaming Community at the Golden Joystick Awards 2020.

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