Milwaukee, Minnesota review

The joke is that Milwaukee is in Wisconsin, not Minnesota - - not a very important distinction and not one that sheds much light on Allan Mindel's enjoyable but inconsequential indie.

Part Fargo, part Forrest Gump, it's the story of Albert (Troy Garity), a simpleton and champion ice-angler who's amassed a considerable fortune thanks to his ability to converse with fish. When his overprotective mum (Debra Monk) dies in a car accident, he finds himself beset by opportunists: a slutty drifter (Alison Folland) masquerading as a Time reporter and a travelling salesman (Randy Quaid) who pretends to be his long-lost dad.

You'd have to be monumentally thick not to recognise these charlatans, robbing the movie of much of its tension. But the snowbound landscapes are well-captured by cinematographer Bernd Heinl, even if they serve as an apt metaphor for a picture that can only manage a chilly parody of Coen brothers cool.

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