Midway announces Nintendo offensive

Midway is launching its Nintendo game offensive with three new games for Nintendo systems this year, Mortal Kombat for DS being the most significant.

Why is it significant? Because it'll be online, that's why. Ultimate Mortal Kombat will, at its core, be a port of the Mortal Kombat 3 arcade machine, but an online mode, plus the inclusion of Puzzle Kombat (MK-themed puzzle action), warrants your attention.

The Wii is also getting its share of goodies, although not quite as exciting. Cruis'n, the newest in the long-running arcade racing series, and Game Party, a(nother) minigame based multiplayer party game, are both on their way.

Upgradeable cars and Wii Remote-enhanced controls are promised, although Midway didn't give away any further details. Dunno about you, but our most prominent memory of the Cruis'n series was it being one of the crappiest games on the N64. Let's hope this one's much better.

And of course there's the ingeniously-named Game Party. See what they did there? The minigames will seemingly be based on real sports, with darts and air hockey being Midway's two examples of what to expect. That's just what Nintendo gamers need - more minigames.

Details are clearly sketchy, but Midway promises to reveal more at E3 next month.

June 28, 2007