Microsoft's Origami scheme unfolds

Microsoft is making a move into the world of handhelds with Origami Project, a portable, paperback-sized PC making an appearance in an online video and an obscure website this week.

But don't expect Origami to challenge PSP or DS. The video shows one user in the middle of a frantic bout of Halo, but a source close to Microsoft has stated that this is the first in a series of touch-screen PDA style devices - it's not a portable Xbox.

From the video, Origami looks quite powerful, even if it is seriously bulky - it gives lost users directions, transfers images and functions as a very expensive remote control.

When we quizzed Microsoft about Origami, it told us that "Origami is a concept we've been working on with partners," before adding "the video seen ... is a year old and represents our initial exploration, including possible uses and scenarios".

Microsoft is rumoured to be making a clearer statement on Thursday 9 March, and we'll have a full update when the info breaks.

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