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Microsoft promises more hardcore Kinect titles

Microsoft's huge marketing push for Kinectseemsto have paid off, but since its late 2010 launch there have been few additional games released. So, where are all the new Kinect games, and more importantly, where are the ones we actually care about?

Above: Twisted Pixel's upcoming Kinect title, Gunstringer

"There are many [hardcore games] coming," said Microsoft interactive entertainment senior producer Kevin Unangst in a recent interview, pointing out that upcoming core titles like Child of Eden and Gunstringer are just "scratching the surface of what's happening."

Unangst saidthe Kinect launch was loaded with acccessible, casual games because there needed to be a high install base out of the gate.

"It was very intentional with Kinect to go out and deliver blockbusters like Kinect Sports and Dance Central - games that resonated with a broader audience," Unangst said.

Above: The very trippy Child of Eden

Using accessible, family friendly games to sneak Kinect unitsinto millions of homes is a great trick - it's one Nintendo used with Wii to great success, and it's clearly worked for Microsoft as well. But note the comparative lack of 60-hour epics on Wii, making it a platform of Nintendo exclusives, a few standout third party games and then an avalanche of motion-controlled, bargain bin nonsense. Microsoft claims it's about to deliver on both fronts; so it's good at talking the talk, let's see it walk the walk.

Unangst said this year will be an "incredible" year for hardcore gamers on the 360. As for Kinect's presence among that audience, "This is just the beginning."


Mar 7, 2011