Microsoft handheld device not for games

Reuters reported today that Microsoft is working on a music and video device in the hopes of rivaling the Apple iPod. Siting anonymous sources close to Microsoft, Reuters reporter Kenneth Li purports that the company responsible for bringing us the Xbox, 360 and Windows operating system is now focusing on battling the iPod for downloadable media supremacy.

The article indicated that former Xbox chief Robbie Bach is in charge of the new project which is slated to include a portable media device and media download service targeting predominantly music. Sadly, this appears to put to rest speculation on Microsoft's new handheld gaming project, which seems to actually be this portable media device instead.

Microsoft had declined to comment to Reuters on the validity of this assessment, however, so no official word has been circulated as to whether the Microsoft iPod-killer actually exists, but rumor rumblings from within Microsoft and several recent business developments (including numerous licensing discussions Microsoft has engaged in with the music industry) point to a Microsoft-branded music service in the works.

June 19, 2006