Microsoft doesn't want to share its Xbox exclusives with Switch and PS4 anymore

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft says they have "no plans" to release Xbox exclusives on competing consoles after the surprise announcement that Ori and the Blind Forest is coming to the Switch. In a statement to, the company clarified that existing plans to port Microsoft IP to different platforms will continue, but that Xbox Game Studios would henceforth be dedicated to making games exclusively for Microsoft's own platforms.

Fortunately, it doesn't sound like Microsoft is backing away from crossplay, as the statement goes on to express support in that regard. "We continue to believe deeply in crossplay and progression of games with the right flexibility for developers to ensure a fair and fun experience."

Xbox Game Studios has been on a studio-acquiring streak in recent years, beefing up support for first-party exclusives leading up to the release of the Xbox One's successor, codenamed Project Scarlett, in late 2020. That hasn't stopped some Xbox-published games from expanding to other platforms, as is the case with Ori and the Blind Forest, which drops on Switch September 27. The Outer Worlds, by Xbox-owned studio Obsidian, will also be releasing on Switch and PS4 in October as planned. However, it sounds like future releases from Obsidian and other Microsoft-acquired studios will be exclusive to Microsoft platforms.

Microsoft appears to be taking action against the notion that their consoles, and the Xbox One in particular, don't tend to come with a whole lot of exclusives. Even Microsoft-exclusive titles are often available on PC, making the Xbox as it stands a tough sell for gamers who prioritize first-party exclusives.

The Xbox One isn't entirely without its exclusives - we even put together a list of the very best of 'em.

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