Microsoft CEO addresses what is being done to set Xbox apart from the PS5

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CEO Satya Nadella says Microsoft is "very much focused on gaming", and "ensuring that all the 3 billion gamers around the world get the best content".

Nadella spoke about Microsoft's gaming strategy in the company's annual shareholder meeting, which took place on December 2. As transcribed by Seeking Alpha via VGC, Nadella responded to a question that was submitted by a shareholder, who asked "what is being done to set Xbox apart from the PS5 to win the console war".

"First thing, we're very excited about the new console launches in the market," Nadella begins. "We always have sort of focused on ensuring that our gamer community that counts on us to produce the best consoles has a new generation of consoles, which are powerful and really great for gameplay. And we are supporting it with the best content with the best community." 

Nadella goes on to talk about Microsoft's future focus and aim, and highlights the ZeniMax acquisition and Game Pass. "But the broader vision we have is to ensure that the 3 billion gamers out there are able to play their games, anywhere they want with all the content they want and with whom they want to. And that's really what we are building our strategy around," Nadella adds. 

"You've seen us double our content portfolio with ZeniMax acquisition, you see us make advances in our community efforts and our subscription offers with Game Pass. And that's what you can expect from us. We are absolutely very, very much focused on gaming, and ensuring that all the 3 billion gamers around the world get the best content, best community and the best cloud services to power their gaming experiences going forward."  

The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S released back in November and quickly became the most successful console launch for Microsoft. Knowing where to buy an Xbox Series X is currently still half the battle, with consoles continuing to quickly sell out. The PS5 has also enjoyed tremendous success since launch, and topped the console charts in the UK during November.  

Phil Spencer and Tim Stuart recently spoke about the ZeniMax acquisition, which will bring Bethesda's portfolio of games to the Xbox lineup. The pair revealed that Microsoft "will absolutely" buy more studios in the future, and Spencer has also teased some unannounced projects in the works from Bethesda. 

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