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Microsoft allows over 1000 gamerpoints per title

Microsoft has revised its rules and regulations for Xbox 360 gamerpoints, allowing developers to provide more than 1000 points for a single game.

In an article on Gamerscore Blog it has listed the three rules that publishers must now follow in offering Xbox 360 achievements, revealing that an additional 250 points over the standard 1000 may now be provided via downloadable content.

The rules state that all regular disc-based games must have 1000 points available in the base game, though a portion of this can be provided in free downloadables.

Publishers may now also have the option to deliver a further 250 points via Marketplace add-ons, which can be free or paid downloads.

Xbox Live Arcade games are also getting expanded points, with Microsoft now allowing a further 50 points over the standard 200 to be provided via download content.

Good news for achievements junkies.

February 5, 2007