Microsoft admits Halo 3 scratched disc problem

Sept 25, 2007

Microsoft has admitted there's a problem with Halo 3's Limited Edition packaging scratching game discs, and is now offering replacements via the Xbox website.

The problem is blamed on the plastic and foam nub in the LE tin designed to hold the discs; it turns out plenty of gamers - includingGamesRadar - are opening their copies of Halo to find the discs loose and scratched.

Microsoft's replacement program lets those unfortunate few download and complete a form to get a working copy for free, with a minimum wait of two weeks. Other games are covered by the program, but you'll have to pay $20(£10) for anything that isn't Halo.

You can get ahold of the form yourself here.

Above: GR's ownHalo 3fell victim to "The Scratchening"

Courtesy of CVG