Michael Shannon talks comic-books

Man of Steel villain Michael Shannon might be taking a starring role in one of the biggest comic-book adaptations of 2013, but when it comes to the source material, he’s not what you’d call a geek…

“I can't read comic-books,” confessed the actor in an interview with The Independent . “They don't make any sense to me. I find they're very hard to follow. I'm never sure which panel to look at, and then I just get confused.”

So if he’s not doing his homework with the source material, can we assume that Shannon is studying Terrence Stamp’s performance as Zod in Superman 2 ? Well no, actually, as Shannon finds that hard going as well.

“I find that pretty intimidating, honestly,” says Shannon. “I think he pretty much nailed it. My girlfriend had it on. She was watching it out of curiosity, and I saw it and said, 'You've got to turn it off. I can't watch that. I'm not worthy!’”

Hopefully that’s just false modesty on Shannon’s part. We’ll be able to see for ourselves whether his a performance worth kneeling before when the film opens in the UK on 14 June 2013.

George Wales

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