Michael Rooker talks James Gunns Guardians Of The Galaxy

With James Gunn now officially confirmed as the director of Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy , attention is now turning to who he might cast in the production, with regular collaborator Michael Rooker putting himself forward for every role going.

“All of them,” he answered, when asked which character he would like to play. “I’d play the racoon guy. I’d play the tree guy. They’re all very cool characters! But, I don’t know. Marvel and Gunn have their own thing going on. It’s very secretive.

“But we’re still friends, so we hang out and talk,” he continues. “Whenever I’m in town, we get together. So, I know he’s very busy and working real hard on the rewrite and getting everything set to go. It’s always a pleasure to work with him, so whatever happens, happens.

“Gunn is always thinking of his friends and the people that he’s worked with,” says Rooker. “He’s quite a loyal director, and he’s a good friend, as well. He’s always, ‘Well, maybe Rooker can do this one. I think he’d like to do this.’ I’m sure he’s thought of me, so we’ll see.”

Over to you then, James. Help a brother out! Guardians Of The Galaxy opens in the US on 1 August 2014.

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