MGS Snake Eater 3D lets you turn real photos into camo. We venture some original ideas

Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D will allow you to take photographs of anything you like and use the pictures as a camouflage texture for Snake. That is friggin' amazing. Utterly pointless, mind, as it makes more sense for him to take on the texture of his immediate environment instead of, say, the curry stain on your T-shirt, but that doesn't mean the potential for fun should be sniffed at. So let's see how Snake would look with some custom camo, shall we?

Here's the picture Kojima himselftweeted. Looks pretty ace if you ask me:

Above: "And when he pulls his frilly nylon panties right up tight, he feels a dedicated follower of fashion"

Oh yes he is. And Kojima has posted more on his Twitter feed, showing a Tower Records bag acting as camo for Snake. Incredibly useful for the well-known bit in MGS3 where you infilitrate the Tower Records plastic bag company's warehouse, where everything's covered in floor-to-ceiling Tower Records-branded plastic bags.

Above: For some reason, Snake looks decidedly waterproof in this outfit. Must by the polythene

But don't think you have to stick to carrier bags for your inspiration. Here are some of our ideas:

Above: Utd vs City at Wembley camo

Above: Actually, my keyboard works pretty well as a get-up for Snake. Not that he looks too impressed...

Above: Gears of War 3 camo (in case the plot gets a bit too 'epic' for comfort)

Above: For infiltrating the Towelly Joke Factory (which wasn't built in the '60s, but you never know)

Above: I liked the bit where his camo said 'Nyan'

Obviously, things can get much ruder than these examples, but we're not going to start sullying the lovely, clean internet with pictures of a lewd nature. Once someone starts that, it won't stop. You mark my words.

15 Aug, 2011

Justin Towell

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