Metal Gear Online announced

Konami has announced plans to release Metal Gear Online for PlayStation 3, during a press conference this morning in Tokyo. Closed beta testing for the game will begin this August, and registration begins right now, though Konami has yet to reveal how - or if - UK gamers can get in on the action.

The announcement was part of a 20th anniversary event celebrating two decades of Metal Gear. Metal Gear Online is apparently focused on a "hide and seek" type of gameplay - though you can probably expect a "find and kill" conclusion to each match. It also seems to be primarily team-based. To help teams work together, each side will be able to see the heat signatures of their comrades, wherever they are on the map. Though rivals can scan an enemy's body heat signature and potentially use this to track them across a level.

Konami also revealed some brand new details about MGS4. Flicking on Snake's Octocam (his chameleonic camosuit) will be a simple matter of thumbing the triangle button to synch the suit with whatever surface you're standing against. Snake will have a stun knife to knock out enemies, can snatch weapons from attacking soldiers and has a selection of Judo moves to employ in close-quarters combat. You'll also be able to pat down any enemies you hold-up. And then shoe them in the goolies.

Finally, MGS's creative boffin Hideo Kojima revealed that Eva, the provocative agent from MGS3 and Portable Ops, will be making a reappearance. Though he didn't explain if the old girl will now be a crinkly woman, given the 30 or so years that have passed since Snake Eater.

A release date for Metal Gear Online has not yet been announced.

And check out these cute lil' miniature screens we found of MGS4. Aren't they just precious?

July 24, 2007

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