Merlin Aithusa Overnight Ratings

5.52 million viewers tune in “live” to watch the latest episode

Overnight viewing figures show that 5.52 million viewers tuned in to watch Merlin ’s “ Aithusa ”, on its initial broadcast, making the episode the third most watched show of the evening. You can probably guess the top two – The X-Factor at number one with 9.77 million and Strictly Come Dancing at number two with 9.45 million. What is notable is how close The X-Factor came to being toppled from the top spot, and Merlin is playing its part in that.

5.52 million is a slight drop from last week (5.7 million) but remains a very impressive figure. The episode is currently number one on the BBC’s iPlayer service and we can easily expect a timeshift of over a million (at least) when the final consolidated figures come in.