Mercenaries 2: World in Flames

How has your relationship been working with EA?

Zamkoff: They've been great. They bring a lot of marketing and PR muscle behind the product and we've been self-funded to date, so we come with a lot of creative freedom. They're not in there trying to mess with it; they have a lot of faith in us as developers. I honestly have a lot of great things to say about working with these guys.

And obviously Pandemic is now merged with BioWare. Has BioWare had any input on the game?

Zamkoff: We're friends with those guys and we send builds to each other, they talk about Mass Effect and we talk about Mercs. They don't have a right to actually force any changes but we certainly do meetings with them.

Greg and Ray are great advocates of Mercs, they showed up at E3 in Mercs t-shirts. It really does feel like a family with these guys and certainly we listen to their ideas, but we treat it like anyone else internally or externally. If the feedback is valid and it makes the game better we certainly listen to it.