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Men In Black III gets Emma Thompson

Men In Black

Emma Thompson will play a fellow agent in alien-flushed follow-up Men In Black III .

The Brit actress, who’s best known for meaty dramas and donning corsets (not to mention being uglified for Nanny McPhee ), is set to go big budget with the film, starring alongside returning stars Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith.

Thompson will play Agent Oh (a WIB?), who is an “MIB agent from the ‘60s monitoring a prison break”. Wait, ‘60s? Right, the plot features Smith’s Agent Jay, who travels through time where he meets a young Kay (Brolin) in 1969.

Together, they must stop Yaz (Jemaine Clement) from destroying the world. In other words, it’s just another day at the office for the MIB.

Clearly the casting department are working overtime to get every nut and bolt in place for this threequel, especially after the damp squib that turned out to be MIB2 . With the cast turning out like it is, though, things are looking up for Jay and Kay's next intergalactic mission.

MIB III will be returning director Barry Sonnenfeld’s first feature since 2006’s Runaway Vacation. It will open in cinemas on 25 May, 2012.