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Men In Black 3 loses Alec Baldwin

men in black 3

Men In Black 3 ’s production is going from bad to worse.

With its holiday hiatus extended while scribe David Koepp tinkers with the script to get it singing (or at least talking), the film’s now lost one of its leads in the form of Alec Baldwin.

The 30 Rock actor, who was set to play the head of the MiB in 1969, has dropped out of the film thanks to its continued delays.

“I’m not doing that,” he tells Vulture . “I’m out of it; the schedule didn’t work out.”

With shooting on the troubled threequel set to recommence on 28 March, we can only hope that director Barry Sonnenfeld and his team manage to get the film back into shape before anymore of its stars lose faith in the production.

As for a Baldwin replacement - Jon Hamm, anyone?