Megapenguin Rehatched is a game being created by Media Molecule and its community inside Dreams

Megapenguin Rehatched is a brand new game inside Dreams which Media Molecule is asking its fan to work on. 

Megapenguin, a particularly buff penguin, has been known to Dreams players for a couple of years. The character was used at E3 2018 to encourage players to create adventures for him using Dream's robust game development toolkit. 

This new community initiative is a revamped and altogether bigger project that Media Molecule is hoping to collaborate on with their community. As revealed in a blog post, the game is now playable in Dreams, and the developer has created the first three levels of the game. 

The blog post reveals: "Megapenguin Rehatched follows the fateful adventures of a Megapenguin who’s become separated from his fleet, crash-landing somewhere in the wilds of the Dreamiverse. Starting today, you can play the first three levels of Megapenguin Rehatched in Dreams, lovingly crafted by a team of pebble-heads here at Media Molecule."

However, the project isn't done yet. That is where the community comes in. Media Molecule explains: "We haven’t actually finished Megapenguin Rehatched yet. On purpose! We’ve kicked things off with these three levels - but, in the spirit of Megapenguin, we would like you to fill in the rest of the story and, above all, help us get Megapenguin back to his fleet where he belongs. What happens along the way is entirely up to you."

Now, what this means is that players and designers have been given an asset pack featuring Megapenguin to design their own levels. There are some guidelines on how to make sure an entry is eligible. If you make a level and it fits the rules, it will be appearing in the Quick Play mode of the game. Then, if Media Molecule like a level enough, they will add it to the final version of Megapenguin Rehatched. 

The fun is going to come from seeing what the community and Media Molecule make together on the game, and the weird and wacky adventures Megapenguin might get up to. They will likely be quite disparate and random, but that seems part of the joy. If you'd like to get involved, there is a hub featuring everything you need to know about getting involved in Megapenguin Rehatched.

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