Meet the new Ultimates team, coming this summer

The Ultimates #1 cover art
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Marvel's newly relaunched Ultimate Universe is expanding again in June with The Ultimates #1, which assembles a new version of the alt-reality's premiere superteam, equivalent to the Avengers in the mainstream Marvel Universe.

Unlike the mainstream Marvel Universe's Avengers however, the new Ultimates have a very specific mission: to restore the lost superheroes who never got their powers in the new Ultimate Universe, and overthrow the villainous Maker's machinations that have given him nearly absolute power over the world.

Case in point, the new Ultimate Spider-Man, who only received his powers recently, in his mid-30s, because the Maker prevented him from getting his superpowers when he was a teenager as in the mainstream Marvel Universe.

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

The new Ultimates title will be written by Deniz Camp, with art from Juan Frigeri, and the creators are promising something totally different from other superhero team comics, at least in Camp's own words.

"The new Ultimates line is the most exciting super hero comics event in years, and it’s humbling to be a part of it! We are reinventing these classic characters and archetypes to be as surprising and vital as when they were first introduced," says Camp in a statement accompanying Marvel's announcement.

"Our Ultimates is an evolution not just of the Avengers, but of the whole super hero team concept; from the grand and operatic to the small and personal, THE ULTIMATES will feel like no Avengers or Ultimates comic ever before! That's our ambition, anyway; tune in to find out if we succeed.“

As for who joins the new team, the previously teased line-up of Iron Lad (Tony Stark), Thor, Sif, Doom (Reed Richards), and Captain America, seems to form most of the core roster, with the cover art for Ultimates #1 by Dike Ruan also apparently showing off the new Ultimate Ant-Man/Giant-Man and Wasp.

"Months ago, Tony Stark sent Peter Parker a radioactive spider to set him back on the course to become Spider-Man," reads Marvel's official description of Ultimates #1. "Since then, Iron Lad (Stark), Captain America, Doom, Thor and Sif have begun to do the same for other lost heroes, building a network of super-powered heroes hungry for change… Now they must band together to destroy the Maker's Council and restore freedom and free will to a world ruled from the shadows!"

The Ultimates #1 goes on sale June 5.

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