Meet the actor who plays Wrench in Watch Dogs

With Wrench set to return to Watch Dogs Legion in the Bloodlines DLC, Totally Game catches up with his actor to gain an insight into the fan favourite character and the actor who plays him.

Shawn Baichoo, who has appeared in other Ubisoft series such as Rainbow 6 and Assassin's Creed, tells Totally Game about what to expect from the reappearance of Wrench: "Watch Dogs: Legion takes place several years after Watch Dogs 2, so Wrench is older, he's wiser, he’s a different person now. But I think all the things people connect to are still there.”

Baichoo is clearly excited to return the role, saying: "Wrench is definitely one of the defining performances of my career. I can identify with him, he's a lovable misfit.

"Wrench is so organically tied to who I am. He’s part of my soul. His personality is a lot like me but I have a better sense of reading the room and not pi****g off people so much. Wrench doesn't care about upsetting authority."

Baichoo also reveals the personal connection he has to Wrench, telling Totally Game: "I absolutely connect to Wrench as a character,” he said. “Not only in terms of personality but in terms of his relationship to anxiety and depression. I was bullied as a kid and I thought Wrench was a good way of expressing my relationship to those things.”

Baichoo's talents extend past acting though. He also worked on the Deus Ex series as a Takedown Choreographer, designing and mo-capping lead character Adam Jensen's takedown moves. 

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