Meet Supernova, the new arch-enemy of the Superior Spider-Man

Superior Spider-Man Returns #1 interior art
(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

This October, Otto Octavius will once again swap out his classic villain mantle of Doctor Octopus for his heroic moniker as the Superior Spider-Man, to mark the 10th anniversary of the time Doc Ock switched bodies with Peter Parker and stole his identity.

Though we don't know exactly how Octavius will once again take up his Superior Spider-man identity or how he'll return to the Superior Spidey's physical body, we do know that he'll be back in Superior Spider-Man Returns #1, a one-shot penned by the Superior Spidey's co-creator and the architect of Doc Ock's theft of Peter Parker's body, writer Dan Slott. 

Slott will be joined by several of the artists from his classic Superior Spider-Man run, including Superior Spidey's co-creator Ryan Stegman. And now, Newsarama has an early look at art from the issue, including your first glimpse of Superior Spider-Man's new arch foe, Supernova.

Check out the gallery of pages from classic Superior Spider-Man artists Mark Bagley, Ryan Stegman, Humberto Ramos, and Giuseppe Camuncoli, in that order:

There's one other Supernova in Marvel Comics lore - Garthan Saal, a member of the Nova Corps who once held the enhanced mantle of Super Nova, spelled just slightly differently from the new villain. We're guessing there's no connection between the two characters aside from the similar names, but anything is possible.

Following Superior Spider-Man Returns #1, Slott and artist Mark Bagley will launch a new Superior Spider-Man ongoing title that picks up on threads from Slott and Bagley's current Spider-Man run.

Superior Spider-Man Returns #1 goes on sale October 11.

Superior Spider-Man is one of the best alternate versions of Spider-Man in the Marvel Universe.

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