Hallow's Eve #1 puts the new Dark Web villain in the spotlight this March

Hallow's Eve #1 "Artgerm" cover art
Hallow's Eve #1 "Artgerm" cover art (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Update: Following the introduction of Hallow's Eve in Amazing Spider-Man #14, Marvel has unveiled the cover, a variant cover by Stanley "Artgerm" Lau, and release date of Hallow's Eve #1, the character's starring Dark Web spin-off title. 

Hallow's Eve #1 variant cover by Artgerm" (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Written by Eric Shultz with art from Michael Dowling, who also provides the cover, seen here, Hallow's Eve #1 focuses on Janine Godbe's new villainous role as not just Ben Reilly's girlfriend, but his literal partner in crime.

"Having the opportunity to pen a character's first solo miniseries is incredibly exciting and incredibly nerve racking!" Schultz states in the announcement.

"Despite Janine having been created in the '90s, this is the first time we'll see her on her own for more than just a few pages. I really hope fans enjoy a deeper look into Janine and what makes her tick."

Hallow's Eve #1 goes on sale March 1.

Read on for more information about how Janine Godbe became Hallow's Eve.

Original story follows: Spider-Man/X-Men: Dark Web officially kicks off in November 23's Amazing Spider-Man #14, which sets the stakes in the showdown between Spidey and the X-Men and their clone villains Ben Reilly/Chasm and Madelyne Pryor/the Goblin Queen, and introduces the new villain Hallow's Eve.

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

The issue follows a year in the life of Chasm and Goblin Queen in a story told in four chapters, all written by series writer Zeb Wells along with four separate art teams.

For 'Spring,' Wells is joined by Michael Dowling and Richard Isanove; for 'Summer,' he's joined by Kyle Hotz and Dan Brown. Meanwhile, 'Fall' features art from Terry and Rachel Dodson; while the final chapter, 'Winter,' features art from Ryan Stegman, Tim Townsend, JP Mayer, and Matt Hollingsworth. All chapters are lettered by Joe Caramagna.

Spoilers ahead for Amazing Spider-Man #14

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Over the course of a year, Ben Reilly slips further and further into his Chasm persona, having lost all of Peter Parker's memories, leaving only the feeling that he's an empty shell. Alongside his girlfriend Janine Godbe, Reilly raids former Beyond Corporation storage facilities, finally recovering a machine that will open a portal to Limbo.

Traveling through the portal, Chasm encounters the Goblin Queen, who recognizes him as a fellow clone. After some conversation, Goblin Queen agrees to lend Chasm her army of demons to attack New York City to capture Peter Parker, provided he helps her capture Jean Grey.

If they're successful, they can use the magic of Limbo to absorb the memories and souls of Peter and Jean, the people from whom Chasm and Goblin Queen were cloned, respectively.

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

To aid in the fight, Goblin Queen uses the severed finger of the demon S'ym, one of the demons with whom she made her own magical pact back in the classic '80s X-Men story Inferno, to turn Janine into Hallow's Eve, a demonic villain who somewhat resembles Hobgoblin, and who possesses three Halloween masks that each seem to grant her different abilities.

With the stage set and the stakes established, Dark Web is now officially underway.

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