Medal of Honor Heroes 2

Nov 15, 2007

After playing this one, it's clear that the most significant difference between a good Wii FPS and an average one is in the framerate. The silky smoothness of Metroid Prime and now Medal Of Honor makes the controls feel slick and instantaneous, giving the game a sheen of quality that belies the otherwise simplistic graphics.

Heroes 2 is tuned to perfection in terms of buttery controls and shooty satisfaction, although the AI isn't the greatest - one of our squaddies walked merrily onto a boat we'd just planted a bomb on, and sat there watching it explode, piece by piece, until the flames licked his ankles and he expired with a lame 'ugh!'

The sensitivity is set quite high by default, but players with super-twitchy reactions and mad shooting skills can tune it even tighter. There's also an on-rails Arcade mode, for people who don't like walking, which exposes the simple shooting gallery nature of the main game: heads pop up, heads pop down. But the big thing has to be the online mode, which is said to support anything up to 32 players - and hopefully not with a friend code required for each one. We haven't had the chance to test it yet, but if it's as slick as the Campaign mode and doesn't lag too badly in large-scale matches, it's likely to be the hottest multiplayer experience on Wii by some considerable distance.