Mech Assault 2: Lone Wolf Cheats

Mech Assault 2: Lone Wolf Unlockables

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Nemisis Profile Appearance

    Beat game on any difficulty

  • Xbox | Submitted by Shane Reid

    New Maps for Multiplayer

    When you get Mech Assault2:Lone Wolf, you should get two disks [one of the game]&[one of the making of the game]. When you put the making of the game in your Xbox there are two options [new maps]&[making of the game]. Using your controller highlight the [new maps] icon and press "A". A heads-up-display of the new maps will appear.

  • Xbox | Submitted by hturtle99

    Unlock new Character

    Beat the Campaign on any difficulty.

Mech Assault 2: Lone Wolf Hints

  • Xbox | Submitted by K_MAN

    Various Cheats / Hints

    Beat the boss easily: When you fight the big skeleton guy with no legs, first, as stupid as it may sound, use your lasers to blow up the head. Mortars don't work well at this part. The the back part of the head will explode, and you have to neurohack his back, which can be pretty tricky. Best thing to do is fly over him when he uses the gigantic laser, BUT DON'T GET HIT!!! It takes away alot of health! Pickup health + upgrades found around the map as much as possible.

    Multiplayer Hint : When playing multiplayer, and have friends on your team, a good strategy is let you/your friend go into the biggest mech there is on the map, and the other guy goes in battle armor. The person in the big mech will act as cover fire, and the battle armor will neurohack and eject all the guys. When you get low on health, just steal one of the many mech laying on the ground.

    Campaign Hint: If you're low on health and afraid to go in the next battle for fear of your head exploding, try squathing some buildings. Health and other upgrades are almost always in them.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Trenton

    Pilot Bomb

    Some of you might know this. When you are a pilot you can use a detonator bomb. This works very good in capture the flag because people run in with the VTOL and a Battle armor. If they get close enough, BOOM! This bomb will kill Battle armors and VTOL's in one hit. Mechs will require 3-5. The tank will blow in 2. I don't recommend you be a pilot the whole game though. You can get killed in one hit as you can imagine. You should only use these as mines really. And just so you know, if you place it down and enter a vehicle/ mech, it will still be there.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Lone Wolf

    VTOL Hint

    This is a hint for people who might be stuck on the snow level where you have to carry Foster's APC truck over the mountains. He tells you to exit your 'Mech and pilot the VTOL after you clear the small area surrounding the VTOL and destroy the comm towers. Don't. Instead take your 'Mech (it should have jumpjets) and fly it in the direction you are supposed to fly the VTOL and destroy the enemy 'Mechs and tanks you encounter. I'm pretty sure the 'Mechs are Catapults. They have missiles, so if you fly the VTOL, they'll blow you out of the sky. So, kill the 'Mechs with your 'Mech, step on the tanks, and use your jumpjets to fly over the lakes. When you reach the last lake, turn back and get the VTOL. If you did this correctly, you should be able to fly back over with Foster and drop him off without getting shot. The only thing to deal with will be a cluster of tanks, but you can just fly right over them. The level will end, and you can start the next one!

  • Xbox | Submitted by tupeze

    Final Boss Battle

    For defeating the big Skelton boss at the end while in your battle armor your your mortars, and always try to keep it maxed out. The most important thing to do is to keep moving, (The jump jets work best) and stay away from his laser after you expose the core. He goes down after 4 or 5 solid hits.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Keith Turtleton

    Defeating the Spider Mech

    Use your pulse lasers on the coverings on its legs when it gets close to you, and use your missiles when it jump backs. When it charges towards you just run backwards and try to dodge its attacks. If you run to the side then it will attack you with its claws. Keep blasting at its legs and picking up Natalias supplies she drops and you should kill it without no trouble.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Rycat57

    Unit Speeds (Lowest to Highest)

    ½. Pilot
    1. Battlesuit, Elemental
    2. Atlas, Prometheus, Catapult, Bowman, Ragnarok, Ymir, Tank
    3. Blood Asp, Star Adder
    4. Nova Cat, Wendigo, Thor, Summoner
    5. Mad Dog, Vulture, Timberwolf, Mad Cat, Hellbringer, Loki
    6. Uziel, Belial
    7. Raptor, Stiletto, Raven, Corvus, Kit Fox, Uller, Cougar, Puma
    8. Owens, Hackman
    9. VTOL
    10. POV Missile (accelerated)

  • Xbox | Submitted by Cole

    Secret base in lobby (xbox live required)

    There is a secret base in the lobby when you are about to start an xbox live game. first of all you need to do the glitch to get outside of your base. right when your walking in space walk to the blue base if not already there. then stand outside the FRONT of the blue base turn left just a little bit then start walking towards the bright light in the sky then walk around a lil bit till you find the base then there ya go. note: the other 2 bases disappear when you find the hidden base.

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar


    In multiplayer, if your Mech is low on health, switch to another one by pressing the Y button to get out of the 1st Mech and into the new 1.

  • Xbox | Submitted by EliteSeventeen

    Escaping the Lobby

    In the pre-game lobby, there is a window that you can see a planet from. You can get out of the window and into space with this glitch!
    1)Look at the window and press the A button, that should bring you into the Game Info. menu.
    2)Press and hold down the B button and run at the fence thing near the window. When you get about three feet away, release the B button.
    3)That should get you outside the fence so after that just run out the window and into space.
    ps: This will probably take a long time to do so don't think you are doing it wrong if you don't get it immediately.