Max & the Magic Marker review

For once, graffiti is a positive thing

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  • +

    Charming presentation

  • +

    Nice difficulty curve

  • +

    Lets you be creative


  • -

    Playing too long will lead to boredom

  • -

    Kids will find it too hard

  • -

    Only four hours of gameplay

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You’d think more people did art in school judging by the popularity of physics-based drawing games, a genre to which Max & the Magic Marker is the latest entrant. Surprisingly, this one is probably the best of the lot. While it doesn’t necessarily bring anything new to the table, other than combining physics and drawing with a cute platform game, it’s presented and put forward in such a charming way, you can’t help but enjoy yourself.

The game’s plot involves a boy, his magic pen and some other stuff. The reason you’re playing the game is the puzzles and they generally work well. Not until the very late stages of the game will you find yourself thinking “What the hell do I do here?” which is a pretty good going for a title like this. Your cursor draws lines and shapes, which physically manifest themselves in the level, helping to bridge gaps and solve said puzzles. You can also pause time to draw, which is an invaluable tool you shouldn’t forget you have.

But don’t get carried away: this is a throwaway game, that should be taken lightly and in small doses, but the doses you’d be giving yourself will be fun ones. Playing too long will lead to boredom, as the action is the same throughout. That said the only real problem with this game is kids will find it too hard, while adults will get a little fed up with it after a while. But not for long, as it’s only got four hours of gameplay. All in all, this is a good game, but it won’t hit Peggle-esque heights of fame.

Mar 17, 2010

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