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'Mature' 3DS games to have black boxes in Japan - will they here?

If this image of the upcoming Tom Clancy 3DS box art is any indication, it looks like Nintendo will be packaging its more intense games in black cases.

This is something that Nintendo has experimented with in Japan with Wii games, but we wonder if it might transition over to North America and Europe with the 3DS. It seems like a win-win situation to us - we can instantly recognize games which involve blowing stuff up, and parents can instantly recognize which games may not be suitable for their children.

In Japan, the black Wii boxing is used for all games with a ZERO C rating, or something more restrictive. That's the equivalent of an M-rating in the US.

We don't know what Nintendo's plans are, so we'll just have to wait for some North American or European box art to be revealed to find out.

[Source: Tech Pinger]

Jan 18, 2011

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