Mass Effect 2 questions still to be answered

BioWare still has a number of vitally important questions to be answered in regards to Mass Effect 2, the developer's revealed to us.

"How do we make what you did in the first game affect what's happening in the second game?... Who is the main character? Who will re-appear in the game?" senior PR manager Matt Atwood said of the follow-up to its critically acclaimed sci-fi RPG during an interview last week.

These are key ideas currently being kicked around at the studio according to Atwood, who says that dramatically Mass Effect 2 will make us all go "wow" virtually right from the word go.

"Mass Effect really is all about dramatics and cinematics and choices and exploration", he added on the sequel, "and I think we'll expand in each of those areas".

BioWare's only speaking generally in regards to Mass Effect 2 at the moment, but Atwood continued, "There is a story arc already written for the whole thing... I do know that the level of impact from a wow factor, a dramatic factor, is going to be really quite compelling in the next game. I think people are going to be thrilled".

As reported last week, BioWare expects Mass Effect 2 to be exclusive to Xbox 360 "for a short period of time" before it releases for PC. But when is the developer actually planning to launch the sequel?

"I will tell you it won't be three and a half years or four years, which is what the first one took to create", Atwood said when asked about release timings.

"Beyond that we haven't disclosed anything. We'd like to see it soon, but as the old saying goes, we will sell no wine before it's time.

"The team's working hard already but they're going to make sure it's just right... hopefully [it will be] sooner than later... I don't know if it's sooner that you expect, or what you expect, so we'll just wait and see and once we're ready to divulge the date, we'll let you know."

We're waiting...

Courtesy of CVG.

Mar 18, 2008