Mass Effect 2 PS3 save files randomly corrupted

Over the past several days, numerous reports of corrupted Mass Effect 2 PS3 save files have popped up on Bioware's support forums. It's every gamer's worst nightmare -after hoursof play and through no fault ofyour own, everything you'veaccomplished vanishes in an instant.

"So i was just upgrading some weapons after playing the game for 8 hours. The game froze so i waited a minute or 2. Then i restarted the game. When i came back in it only gave me the option to play a new game," wrote forum user Typh0nx. "So i went and checked my save. YUP corrupted. Fun. No more Mass effect 2 for me. Thanks bioware."

Other stories are even more heart-wrenching. "I just got that too. Played about 20 hours, console froze and no more save game," wrote brunoqc.

One user reports that even if you take the extra precaution of creating a brand new save file every time you save the game, it doesn't matter. One contaminated save file will poison every single one on the PS3 hard drive.

This isn't a great start for the PS3 port of what was one of the most important Xbox 360 exclusives. Seriously, there is no worse gaming-relatedfeeling than having to start a game from the beginning because of a corrupted save file. Bioware has not yetissued a statement about the reports.

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[Source:Bioware forums]

Jan 25, 2011