Silent Hill 3 art director delighted to see fans spot grisly environmental detail after 20 years: "Finally, someone noticed"

Silent Hill 3
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A Silent Hill veteran is overjoyed that someone has noticed "bloody cords" in Silent Hill 3.

Well, perhaps calling Masahiro Ito a "veteran" of the Silent Hill series is selling him a little short - he's arguably one of the founding fathers of the survival horror genre at large. Ito's pretty fond of interacting with Silent Hill fans on Twitter, and in the post below, he's very happy that someone "finally" noticed some bloody cords in Silent Hill 3.

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"It took someone 20 years to notice the bloody cords," Ito adds in a follow-up tweet. Ito admits in another tweet that he "totally forgot" about the bloody cords that connect the body to the bath in one room and showers in another. It must be pretty easy to forget a detail like this in a career as illustrious as Ito's.

The art director also adds that there are "more unrecognized details in the game," in the tweet below. Silent Hill 3 actually celebrated its 20th anniversary earlier this year in May, so you'd be forgiven for thinking every detail had been picked clean in the classic survival horror game by now.

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It's been a little while since Ito's delivered any Earth-shattering news via his Twitter account. Last we heard, Ito revealed he seriously regretted designing the iconic Pyramid Head last year, but never revealed the actual reason for his regret, simply adding that "I don't tweet the reason."

But even after all these decades, Ito's still working on the beloved horror franchise. He's helping shape the Silent Hill 2 remake over at Bloober Team, and actually influenced the remake to make protagonist James Sunderland look deliberately older, because so are you. Sorry about that.

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