Marvel’s Avengers delays PS5, Xbox Series X and S ports to 2021

(Image credit: Square Enix)

Marvel's Avengers won't reach PS5, Xbox Series X and Series S until 2021 Crystal Dynamics has announced.

The developed has published a new State of the Game post which also detailed that there would be a reward pack for all current players. The bundle grants you 1500 Credits, 7000 Units, 250 Upgrade Modules, 20 DNA Keys, and a Sarah Garza-inspired Nameplate.

In terms of the delay, Crystal Dynamics revealed that the next-gen launch of Marvel's Avengers has been pushed back into 2021. Until the official launch next year however, you can still play the game on next-gen consoles via backwards compatibility, by inserting the disc or re-downloading Marvel's Avengers. This will grant faster loading times and increased frame rates, and you'll still be able to play with friends on current-gen consoles.

Crystal Dynamics also have ton of changes that they're going to implement to Marvel's Avengers over the coming months. Chiefly, there's an upcoming ping system, letting players mark loot items and other points of interest around the map to each other. Next, there'll be the option to reset your progress in the Reassemble campaign, and replay the entire story with your Hero's Power Level and gear intact.

The developer announced that they're still seeing a "higher number of crashes than we'd like" on PC. To that end, they're working with NVIDIA on further improvements, and have a dedicated team working on solving GPU crashes.

Recently, Crystal Dynamics added Mega Hives, huge challenge missions for late-game players. They're actively looking into opening these missions to multiplayer matchmaking, and the developer is also adding Omega-Level Threats over the next few weeks, multiplayer-focused challenges exclusive to late-game players.

Finally, the State of the Game also announced that Kate Bishop's launch is being pushed back and will no longer launch in October. When Bishop does arrive, her campaign chapter will take place after the Reassemble campaign, picking up the pieces after the game's main narrative concluded.

To see all the other superheroes will be joining the game over the coming months, check out our Marvel's Avengers game DLC guide.

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