Marvel exhibition showcases British artists

Live in London? (it’s always London, innit? Nothing ever happens in Bath. Period. Anyhow, better stop moaning) Love your comic art? Then you might want to drop down to the British Marvel Secrets exhibition, which runs from 5 to 14 October. It’s taking place at The Old Truman Brewery, at 15 Hanbury Street, Brick Lane .

It’ll feature work by various British artists who work for Marvel, including SFX’s old mucker Mark Millar (collectable art signed by Mark will be available to buy, by the way), as well as art inspired by Marvel. It’s all being arranged by Urban Species, who produce some rather cool licensed Marvel t-shirts , and also sell one-off custom-made Marvel-inspired art pieces
to hang on your wall.

Anyhow, the opening night is on Friday, from 6.00pm until 10.30pm. It doesn’t say anything on our invite about free glasses of wine and cheesy nibbles – which is our usual reason for attending an exhibition - but fingers crossed, eh?