Marvel United board game is exploding on Kickstarter and just got a Spider-Verse expansion

The Marvel universe is expanding its tabletop presence in a big way, and one of the most exciting new prospects is raking in the pledges on Kickstarter.

The idea behind Marvel United is exactly what you'd want from an Avengers-flavored board game: up to four players team up for a cooperative tale of overcoming one big bad and foiling their Master Plan. Don't worry if you prefer playing the bad guy - there's always Marvel Villainous.

In Marvel United, you'll need to work together and combine your abilities to have a chance of stopping the chaos, and just as importantly, you'll need to stop cooing at the miniature models and their adorable, extra-cartoonish versions of the heroes and villains you love - at least when it's your turn. Feel free to resume cooing after that.

As of this writing, Marvel United has already raised more than $1.44 million on Kickstarter, with individual pledges of $60 for the base board game or $90 for the version that comes bundled with the Infinity Gauntlet expansion. The latter lets you and your group play through a linked series of games, facing off against the Children of Thanos and powering up your heroes as you approach a final showdown with the Mad Titan himself. That is only the start of the expansions.

Just yesterday, Marvel United backers pledged enough to unlock the Enter the Spider-Verse expansion, which adds Spider-Man, Miles Morales, and Ghost-Spider (Spider-Gwen) as playable heroes, and Green Goblin as a villain - you can also get a Spider-Ham hero as an exclusive reward for backing on Kickstarter. Other expansions let you add in heroes and villains from Black Panther, Thor, and the Guardians of the Galaxy, all for $25 each.

The Kickstarter campaign will conclude on March 4, and if you're thinking about picking it up at any point down the line, you should strongly consider backing now. The breadth of Kickstarter-exclusive heroes and villains is kinda ridiculous. Can you imagine living without a MODOK miniature? Me neither.

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