Marvel: UA update not so super

An update for Marvel: Ultimate Alliance on Xbox 360 that's been released prior to the new Hero and Villain download content - expected today, but yet to materialize - has caused problems for owners of the game.

People that have downloaded the update have discovered thatit's affected the abilities of rare items attached to player characters, the abilities changed at random. Activision has said it "is indeed aware of the various issues on Marvel: Ultimate Alliance in relation to the recently released game update" but there's no fix as yet.

"We are currently researching a solution, and truly appreciate your patience in this matter," the publisher said in response to one Xbox 360 gamer who contacted its technical support.

Presumably the Hero and Villain packs, which add eight new playable characters to the game's existing roster, won't be released until this issue is resolved. The update that has caused the problem has been removed from Xbox Live.

Source: Kotaku

April 11, 2007