Marvel goes 3D with a new line of 3D comic covers

Venom #1 variant cover
Venom #1 variant cover (Image credit: Junggeun Yoon (Marvel Comics))

Superhero comic books have always had an eye for unusual printing techniques that'll make comic books stand out on shelves, and Marvel has found a new way to make 3-D art on covers using a a method called 'Double-Exposure.'

Venom #1 primary cover by Bryan Hitch (Image credit: Bryan Hitch (Marvel Comics))

The upcoming Venom #1 will have a special variant cover utilizing this 'Double-Exposure' technique for the first time, in an illustration by Junggeun Yoon. The variant cover, which will come with its own 3D glasses, will feature three images that will have perceived depth when you wear the 3D glasses.

Marvel Comics has had 3D comic covers, and even 3d comics in the past, ranging from 1997's Gen 13 / Generation X 3-D and 2011's Captain America one-shot done in conjunction with the film Captain America: The First Avenger.

Venom #1 'Double-Exposure' variant cover (Image credit: Junggeun Yoon (Marvel Comics))

The 'Double-Exposure' Venom #1 variant will be exclusively available through the UK comic book retailer Limited Edition - which will be taking orders at its website beginning September 27.

"We really like to do things differently here at Limited Edition," Limited Edition owner Richard Emms tells Newsarama. "And our love for concepts, street art and design has really made us think outside of the box on this one."

Junggeun Yoon's Venom illustration is a homage to the popular street artist Insane51, who does 3D murals.

Emms says he'll be offering a second 'Double-Exposure' Marvel variant later this year - a 'Double-Exposure' variant to November 3's Hulk #1 by Donny Cates and Ryan Ottley.

Venom #1 goes on sale on October 27. 

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