Marvel Comics' What If? revival continues with another new Chip Zdarsky title, more

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Marvel Comics is expanding its revived What If? line, which was recently revived with Chip Zdarsky and Pasqual Ferry's Spider-Man: Spider's Shadow, an extended What If?-type story that shows what might have happened if Peter Parker had never given up the Venom symbiote.

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According to the This Week In Marvel podcast, Marvel will produce another, still unnamed What If? series which will also be written by Zdarsky. Additionally, Marvel editor-in-chief C.B. Cebulski teases that the returning What If? line will bring in more creators for more titles in the near future.

"Yes, it is going to continue," Cebulski told This Week in Marvel when asked about the expansion of the new What If? line. 

"Chip has some plans for his post-Spider's Shadow story. That was just approved, so he's gonna start working on that," Cebulski continues. "And there may be some other creators coming in and playing in that brand as well, cause there are so many cool stories to tell."

Spider-Man: Spider's Shadow has been a hit among fans, expanding to five issues after being announced as a four-issue limited series. It seems Marvel will keep up this practice of longer form What If? stories, as opposed to the concept's initial practice of one-and-done or two-part stories.

What If?, which explores what would happen if the events of popular Marvel stories had turned out differently or starred different characters, launched in the '70s and has been a fan-favorite part of the Marvel brand off-and-on since then. Spider's Shadow, which revived the concept in its most recent iteration, also introduced a new What If? brand logo (seen above), paving the way for a new, expanded line.

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Just as Marvel Comics is prepping to take the What If? comic book revival to the next level, Marvel Studios is also embracing the concept for the MCU with an animated What If? show soon coming to Disney Plus.

Stay tuned for more information about Marvel's upcoming What If? expansion as it arises.

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