Careful, that Mario Maker 'all unlocks' level might actually be a Rickroll

It can be frustrating to get Rickrolled; you see a link promising something tantalizing, click it, and suddenly you're face-to-face with Rick Astley singing "Never Gonna Give You Up." It turns out, not even Super Mario Maker is safe; here's what a writer from Siliconera encountered when she played through a map level titled "All the costumes unlocked."

Yup, players who've already got their hands on Mario Maker have used Nintendo's Super Mario Bros. level-creation game to force unsuspecting players to listen to the classic '80s pop song, and it's an instant pick-me-up. The best part is how the level's construction means that, aside from pausing and quitting, there's no way to stop the music. Mario can't move back or avoid the blocks that play the song's notes.

Bravo, humanity. You were given the keys to the kingdom and you brought forth Rick Astley.

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Sam Prell

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