Mario Kart 7 on 3DS is getting a steering wheel peripheral. No, really

The Wii Wheel that came with Mario Kart Wii was weird. A plastic peripheral with your Wii-mote embedded into it, which you wrestled about in mid-air to steer your kart. But that sounds positively ordinary when compared to the news that Mario Kart 7 on 3DS is going to be getting a wheel peripheral too. Made by Hori and officially licensed.

Currently, it's only appeared as a listing on Amazon Japan, so a worldwide release is yet to be confirmed, but it's down for a December 1 release in the East. At first, there were no images, leaving us to fear it would be some tacky plastic tray in the shape of a steering wheel that your 3DS sits in. Hori has released some images of it. Erm...

Above: Well worth the ¥1,280 (£10.50) asking price?

OK, let's not be mean. In its favour, it will reportedly make the L and R triggers easier to reach with your fingers, which can only be a good thing. But quite how the 3D effect will cope with being swung around correcting powerslides and the like remains to be seen.

Because we definitely all still play with the 3D effect switched on. Oh yes.

Sources: Andriasang and CVG

Justin Towell

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