Marathon on Live Arcade

Weighing in at just under 140 MB is Marathon: Durandal, the game that started Bungie on the path to Halo. You can play it in its original guise or opt for nice, shiny new HD graphics.

We've had a quick blast and it all seems to be working fine. There's a massive single-player campaign to gun your way through but you also get Xbox Live multiplayer for two to eight players as well as split screen support for up to four players.

Modes include CTF, King of the Hill, Tag and Kill the Man with the Ball. As with anything Bungie does, there are wads of back story to wade through too. And a super cheesy '80s soundtrack to chew on.

You can find Marathon: Durandal on Xbox Live Arcade right now. Oh, and there's also Spyglass Board Games being released on Live Arcade today, as well.

August 1, 2007