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Meet the mind behind Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap, the rebirth of a Sega classic

(Image credit: Dotemu)

Few series were as difficult to figure out back in the day as Sega and Westone's Wonder Boy. It went by multiple names (Adventure Island for NES? Actually Wonder Boy!), spanned multiple platforms and sequels, and eventually went by the entirely different name Monster World! Thirty years on from its creation, though, we can admire its greatest entries free of the series' bananas continuity.  

Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap for PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch makes it even easier to enjoy the franchise's succulent action RPG treasures. A stunningly rendered remake of Wonder Boy 3 by the studio Lizardcube, it makes the best 8-bit entry available to a whole new generation. How do you remake an 8-bit classic for the modern day?  Lizardcube's Omar Cornut and Ben Fiquet joined us to discuss the weird as hell process of remastering a Sega Master System game for the modern age.