Maelstrom unfolds

Notch the post one more time in favor of an extremely bleak future for planet Earth. The upcoming future sci-fi strategy game Maelstrom sends an enormous meteor to our planet, wiping out most of us and causing an ecologic catastrophe. The remaining humans divide into two groups and try to strangle each other for the most precious resource of all: water. Then the aliens come. The dinosaurs had it easy...

After the meteor hits in 2015, the ecosystem collapses. The last remaining human factions- the technology-loving Ascension and the stealthy, guerilla fighting Remnants -clash over the remaining resources until they are joined by a third faction, aliens bent on colonization called the Hai-Genti. These semi-aquatic night fighters use completely organic weapons; they are able to influence the weather, and can even call down meteors from orbit.

The Ascension's power-units include Transformer-like "mechamorphs" that will adapt to different situations and tactics. Overall, their units are few and expensive, and energy will be a prime consideration if you choose their cause. The Remnants are led by an ex-US Navy Captain, James Buchanan. Their high numbers, cunning and resourcefulness make up for their low-tech weapons; mostly scrounged up from the old US Army.

Look for Maelstrom to hit our planet in the fall, sometimein September. In the meantime, check out the gameplay trailer available now by hitting the Movies tab above.