Lucasarts' Clone Wars heads to handhelds

LucasArts has started work on a handheld title based on its CG Clone Wars TV show, according to Develop magazine.

Clone Wars will be the first internally developed handheld title for LucasArts, handled by its newly-expanded sister studio LucasArts Shanghai, which was originally setup in 2005 to produce digital film content.

Ex-Psygnosis and EA veteran Feargus Carroll takes the role of project lead, bringing with him 12 years of experience working on titles such as Freedom Fighters, Black & White 2 and Battlefield: Modern Combat.

From the look of Carroll's previous titles you can probably imagine what sort of vibe the Star Wars title will adopt. We're guessing it's going to have lots of clone troopers to order around and the occasional lightsaber fight with a big bad Sith. In fact, we'd betmoney on it.

We'll let you know if we're right when we get our first look at the game, probably at some point this year.