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Love Exposure review

A hilarious mish-mash film that you have to see, if you have 4 hours to spare...

A four-hour-long film that doesn’t drag?

Yep, Japanese director Shion Sono’s managed it, by cramming this bizarre, baroque, hilarious epic with so many extreme characters, situations and set-pieces you’ll wonder what got slipped into your popcorn.

Catholic priest’s son Yu (Takahiro Nishijima) becomes obsessed with the man-hating Yoko (Hikari Mitsushima); when she’s sucked into a religious cult (run by a budgie-carrying schoolgirl), Yu and his misfit mates mount a rescue mission.

It’s as mad as a box of frogs, but a strain of melancholy romance adds emotional backbone to the gags, gore and kung fu.

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