Lost Videogame lead role revealed

Sept 11 2007

Yes, despite his alarming similarity to Lost's burly surgeon, Jack - cropped hair, khaki shirt, linebacker shoulders -the leading man in Ubisoft's Lost Videogame is a newbie. He's a fresh character for the game, an American called Elliot.

Any more info, we hear you ask... Well, in true videogame cliche style, Elliot has the misfortune to be afflicted with amnesia. However, given the flashback-heavy format of the show, we're hoping your slowly returning memory will provide some hair-curling chills and developments.

Xbox World 360 were on hand at Ubisoft's HQ to see the Lost game in action, and if you pick up the latest issue (on sale now) you can treat yourself to an indepth exploration of the project, and how it will work.

For instance - Yes, the flashbacks will be playable; Yep, the main characters from the show will be hanging around; Uh-huh, your main threat will be the smokey, billowy, clicky monster thing; and, No, there won't be any online multiplayer. Grab Xbox World 360, issue 57, for the full reveal.

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