Lost to antiquity: Games that have aged badly

Tempest (arcade)
How glad we are that games have progressed from this. Wireframe visuals, terrible sound effects… games like this can still be awesome (just look at Geometry Wars), but buying this on Xbox Live is a sad experience. Anticipation turns to bewilderment, then to disappointment and finally to loathing. Yuk.

Gauntlet (arcade, NES)
One of those games where the name alone is enough to instil awe and wonder at the magic of gaming. Or rather, it was in 1985. Forget the recent remake which was awful enough in itself – the original is now laughable. “You are full of bombs and/or keys” Well which one is it? And what’s the actual aim of the game? Seriously, the arcade original has no end. Ever. So what’s the point?

Above: You wouldn't believe it was the same game you loved as a kid, would you?

Double Dragon (Arcade, NES, Master System etc)
Time's changed just three letters in our opinion of Double Dragon, but they make all the difference.

Then: uber cool.
Now: uber crap.